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Wake up to business
Posted on Monday, March 9, 2020

Monetary Research Center, jointly with the Business Lady Club invite you to a different event entitled:

Wake up to business

When: On 23.04.2020, from 3pm to 6pm.

Where: Ceremonial hall, UNWE

Coming out of university is prestigious to find a job and start a career, is not it so? This is what most of us have heard from our parents. That is , what we see around us. This is what we ( think ) that we want.

But is it really so?

The truth for many of us is, that it would be much more satisfying and inspiring not to work for prestigious companies, but to create our own good services, products or processes to sell to others around us.

To create your own business is equally possible and open option for absolutely everyone!

But if there is anyone ... to wake us up.

At 23.04.2020, Thursday, 4 lecturers from different fields of business will to share with us their experiences in order to create a clear and inspiring picture precisely this - the option to develop our own business is possible for us if we are open and awakened for it.

After 20 minutes presentations each lecturer will meet individually for questions.

The event is appropriate for students, PhD students, young entrepreneurs and business oriented people.


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