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Monetary research center

Aims at developing the scientific research in the field of monetary theory, policy, and history providing opportunities for decent research publications of young and senior researchers, as well as providing high level forum discussions.

Monetary research center

Balkan countries monetary regimes

There is a variety of cultural and monetary differences in the financial regimes among the Balkan countries. How are they going to align their regimes with the challenges of the common European currency?

Balkan countries monetary regimes

The future of the Eurozone

The Greek debt crisis outlined the complicated situation in the Eurozone and the eventual challenge the other Balkan countries would face when joining the mechanism of common currency. New monetary order, alternative currency or another decision would work for the Balkans….

The future of the Eurozone


Posted on Friday, July 23, 2021

The conference will be held at the University of National and World Economy and online from September 20th to September 21st. For more details regarding the conference, please review the descriptions on the website: It includes all details regarding organization of the conference and social events that are planned for these two days. We hope that you will attend these events, which will provide you with an opportunity to meet with your colleagues and friends.

RAMICS Online Roundtable on March 5, 2021

Posted on Friday, February 12, 2021

At a time of uncertainty about the future and increased precarity in the present, we at RAMICS believe that complementary and community currencies have become an even more relevant tool to build community resilience and hopefully help us transition towards a more sustainable future. So, while the pandemic has forced the bi-annual RAMICS conference to be postponed, we see the need to keep the conversation alive. For this reason, we are organizing an online Round-table on March 5.

6th Annual Monetary and Economic Scientific Conference in a fully online format

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

MRC team would like to inform you that due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the 6th Annual MRC Conference will be held in a fully virtual (online) format, on Thursday, November 5, 2020.

Working Papers

25/2021 The currency in Africa: history, regime and monetary system: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (in French)

24/2021 Currency Board Regimes for Lebanon: Impacts on Asset Convertibility

23/2021 Balkan Monetary Dependence during the XIX and XX centuries

22/2021 Soft Monetary Constraint and Shortage in the European Sovereign Debt Economy. Insights from J. Kornai’s theory.

21/2020 The loss of discipline after EU Enlargement: a theoretical note

20/2020 Dependent Monetary Regime. Theoretical foundations /in Bulgarian/

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