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Monetary research center

Aims at developing the scientific research in the field of monetary theory, policy, and history providing opportunities for decent research publications of young and senior researchers, as well as providing high level forum discussions.

Monetary research center

Balkan countries monetary regimes

There is a variety of cultural and monetary differences in the financial regimes among the Balkan countries. How are they going to align their regimes with the challenges of the common European currency?

Balkan countries monetary regimes

The future of the Eurozone

The Greek debt crisis outlined the complicated situation in the Eurozone and the eventual challenge the other Balkan countries would face when joining the mechanism of common currency. New monetary order, alternative currency or another decision would work for the Balkans….

The future of the Eurozone

MRC director, prof. N. Nenovsky, co-published the book with Eric Magnin "Diversity of Capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe. Dependent Economies and Monetary Regimes"

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2022

This book explores the hypothesis of the emergence of a ‘dependent capitalism’ in Central and Eastern Europe. In a first theoretical part, this book presents the main approaches that structure the field of comparative capitalism and then examines this model shaped by the inflow of foreign capital.

Round table "Complementary Currency Systems Bridging Communities"

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2022

MRC jointly with the Organizing Committee of the 6th RAMICS Congress in Bulgaria will be hosting a round table called "Complementary Currency Systems Bridging Communities" on 10th of June at 10:00 h in UNWE, hall 2028А

MRC fellow published a monograph "Risk Management in Politics"

Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2022

Dr. Galya Mancheva is an author of the monograph "Risk Management in Politics". The book examines the stages of risk management refracted through the prism of politics and international capital flows. An author's model for risk management in politics is presented. Demonstrates working with big data and artificial intelligence for the purposes of managing foreign exchange market caused by the political risk.

Working Papers

26/2022 Gold Jewelry Demand Effects on Gold Price: Evidence from China and India

22/2021 Soft Monetary Constraint and Shortage in the European Sovereign Debt Economy. Insights from J. Kornai’s theory - Updated version

25/2021 The currency in Africa: history, regime and monetary system: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (in French)

24/2021 Currency Board Regimes for Lebanon: Impacts on Asset Convertibility

23/2021 Balkan Monetary Dependence during the XIX and XX centuries

21/2020 The loss of discipline after EU Enlargement: a theoretical note

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