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FABA - First issue now online!
Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Finance, Accounting and Business Analysis (FABA) - this open access journal publishes review papers on all areas of finance, accounting and business analysis. The research articles provide an overview of the current state of the whole field written by leaders in their area of research. It provides a platform for academicians, new researchers, authors, engineers and technocrats and engineering scholars who wish to summarize a field of accounting, finance, economics, business, management, and banking research and share this work as widely as possible. 

Interested in publishing in FABA? Please read here>>

·   It is a peer reviewed, open access international journal. It is a referred, highly indexed, monthly, online international journal with high impact. FABA is published as a monthly journal with 8 issues per year. 

·  As an Open Access international Journal, meaning that your published research article will benefit from the widest dissemination possible.

·    All submissions, also without invitation are welcome!

If you would like to read already published articles in the journal, please click here >>.

Some of the titles in this issue were presented at the Fourth Annual Monetary and Economic Scientific Conference (11-12th October, 2018 in Sofia)organized by MRC.


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